Health and Wellness

Feeding our future

Save Life Africa is running a feeding initiative in various communities. With that, we offer life skills on various issues such as HIV/Aids, teenage pregnancy and substance abuse. We also have Sports and Recreational activities to allow youths to exercise their bodies and minds.

Gender Inequality

Girl Child Empowerment Programmes

We offer Girl empowerment clubs : This is a programme to redress gender inequality in communities and allows the girls to discuss problems they face.It also empowers and motivates them through different projects. We also have Pink Drive : This is an initiative to provide free sanitary wear to the girls in our communities .

Become a part of our world

Save Life Africa (SLA) is a Non Governmental Organisation that specialises in community development with three main core areas being Education, Life Skills and Gender inequality (Women Empowerment) to the youth and disadvantaged communities in Africa. We identify the areas that are less developed and we partner with like minded organisations to provide education for children,teach them life-skills and empower them. At Save Life Africa we believe that children are the future.As such our programmes are planned and implemented with the youth and young at mind.Our main aim is to ensure that every child gets a fair chance in this life in terms of resources,education and the vital life skills.This aligns with our main aim to develop poor communities by creating intelligent and bright young leaders that will change and empower their societies at large.


Our current projects


  • After School Programmes
  • Reading Clubs
  • Post-school opportunities
  • Computer Literacy

Health & Wellness

  • Nutritional Support
  • Peer Education
  • HIV/AIDS Clubs
  • Drug Abuse

Gender Equality

  • Girl empowerment clubs
  • Pink Drive
  • Enterprenual Skills
  • Baking

Sports & Recreation

  • Soccer
  • Chess
  • Netball
  • Basketball

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