About Save Life Africa

Save Life Africa (SLA) is a Non Governmental Organisation that specialises in community development with three main core areas being Education, Life Skills and Gender inequality (Women Empowerment) to the youth and disadvantaged communities in Africa. We identify the areas that are less developed and we partner with like minded organisations to provide education for children,teach them life-skills and empower them. At Save Life Africa we believe that children are the future.As such our programmes are planned and implemented with the youth and young at mind.Our main aim is to ensure that every child gets a fair chance in this life in terms of resources,education and the vital life skills.This aligns with our main aim to develop poor communities by creating intelligent and bright young leaders that will change and empower their societies at large.

We also offers emergency disaster relief to affected and disadvantaged people in Africa. We identify the areas affected with poverty, hunger, starvation, war and weather related accidents such as floods, fires and tornadoes. The relief is in form of financial, material, medical assistance and relief to the affected communities. We also go an extra mile to provide professional advice on how to rebuild their lives and create sustainability to the affected victims and their respective governments.

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Our Vision

To promote the quality of life and to create self-sustaining communities in Africa.

Our Mission

To save lives and empower disadvantaged communities through education and life skills, gender equality, health-wellness and sports-recreation.

Our Goals

1.Save Lives
2.Create self Sustainable Communities In Africa
3.Reduce Poverty and Hunger in Africa
3.Promote Health and Wellness
4.Ensure that the next generation are well equipped with proper life skills and training to sustain themselves
5.Empowering sports and recreation

Our Motto /Slogan

Save Life Africa believes that once you save a life of either a mother, father or child, you have saved a family and if you save a family you have saved a community and if you have saved a community ,you have saved a nation and the saved Africa.

“Save a life, Save a family, Save a community, Save a nation, Save Africa”.

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