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After School Programmes : This is a tutoring programme aimed at supporting the children with homework to developing their academic skills. This programme includes : After-school sessions which are held every week day in classrooms at local schools.

Reading Clubs : This is a library initiative that helps improve literacy through reading of books to empower the youth in our communities.

Post-school opportunities : for matrics, we ensure learners apply to at least three post-school opportunities, so they enroll in tertiary institutions,through application of bursaries and scholarships,learnerships or jobs.

Computer Literacy : We also provide computer literacy and e- learning classes

Health & Wellness

Nutritional Support : All participants are provided a nutritious meal at every session to ensure that hunger does not eclipse learning and children can grow and play.

Peer Education : Local youth are hired and trained as After-school Facilitators — creating opportunities for young people to develop their capacities and skills and providing role models for future generations.

HIV/AIDS Clubs : HIV/Aids clubs are crucial in educating the youth on the the diseases,ways to prevent it and encourage awareness.

Drug Abuse : This is a programme where the youths are taught about the dangers of drug abuse and ways on how to stop using it.It allows them also to open up on the causes that push them to use drugs.

Gender Equality

Girl empowerment clubs : Programme to redress gender inequality in communities and allows the girls to dicuss problems they face and solutions to such Problems.It also empowers and motivates them through different projects.

Pink Drive : This is an initiative to provide free sanitary wear to the girls in our communities

Sports & Recreation :

Soccer,Netball and Chess This allows the youth to Exercise their minds and bodies

Arts & Culture :

Dance,Drama and Art Encouraging creativity in dance, music ,drama and art.



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